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Cara decides to become a singer and once she has her first taste of singing to a rapturous live audience she is determined to become a huge success. She is a beautiful young widow in her twenties with a gorgeous body and long shapely legs.

After her first night as a professional singer she meets many older men willing to help her career, but when one old man invites her into his home for a nightcap and begins to caress and fondle her body with wandering hands, she realises that the fast track to stardom comes with a cost.

The old man's promises of fame and fortune are too much for her to resist and she soon surrenders to his lustful desires. During the following weeks, she meets other old men with even better offers to make her a singing star, and to further her dream to become a famous singer she willingly submits to their ardent lusts...

WRINKLY MEN 2 (Series) — Book 15

"The Singer: She Surrenders Her Body To Lustful Old Men For Fame" is the Fifteenth title in the "WRINKLY MEN 2" series of stories by bestselling Amazon Kindle author Colette Fry. They are tales where young women are attracted to older men who can offer them titillating sexual experiences without the consequences of having to deal with a lasting romantic relationship.

This type of sex appeals to young married women who are bored or unfulfilled with the lovemaking provided by their husband. Young single girls often find a quick fling with an older man is exciting, and the older he is, the more the more he turns them on.