February 2017

The weather is normal for this time of year, but your support in downloading and reading my books is stronger than ever. Thank you all very much!
I shall do my best to create more exciting books this month.

  • Unbridled Passion - an erotic story

    Unbridled Passion

    February 10, 2017

    Some of the most exciting affairs begin with something simple like and innocent kiss, but that can often release powerful passions and desires that set the heart pounding and emotions racing while sensible thought and obvious decisions are ignored.

    This is exactly what happens to Kim, in UNBRIDLED PASSION and she finds her life changed forever and leaves her boyfriend struggling with the amorous advances of older women.

    "The day 19-year-old Kim Leach gets angry with Trevor Hicks, her 26-year-old boyfriend she starts a series of romantic adventures and lustful affairs that threaten to change their lives forever. For Kim it begins with an innocent kiss that when repeated arouses passions and desires she cannot control. Trevor and Kim travel up to Glasgow for a wedding and are put in different rooms for the night. Kim finds that every man she meets wants her gorgeous body and she feels unable to resist their wandering hands and seductive charms no matter what their age. Trevor has similar problems with a series of older women whose flirtatious kisses quickly turn into amorous cravings he willingly fulfils. Can the young lovers get back together after the wedding or does the sensual taste of erotic passion send them in new directions…"

    "Unbridled Passion: They Surrender To The Lustful Desires Of Many Lovers" is the thirty-third book in the "URBAN EROTICA" series of stories by bestselling Amazon Kindle author Colette Fry. They are tales of erotic attraction and sexual relationships between adult men and women of all ages, sex, and race. Most people feel intrigued by the idea of a romantic Brief Encounter with a new partner and providing they keep their sexual activities secret, they can end them without consequence or having to deal with a lasting romantic relationship.

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  • Betrayed - an erotic story


    February 6, 2017

    You wil find the content of this sensual story is similar to most of my writing, but under pressure from my readers I have changed the style of my covers.

    The tantalising image of a sexy woman appeals far more than my long titles and descriptive sub-titles, according to the feedback received during 2016. Please don't stop writing to me and telling me what you like and don't like about my books, because that is how I, along with the majority of other writers improve.

    So what is this new title about...

    "Kimber and Norman are a young married couple who book into a luxury hotel with great excitement and much anticipation to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The weekend starts to unravel when Norman upsets her soon after they arrive and when he later accepts an invitation for them to join an older couple for drinks in the cocktail bar, she feels betrayed again. Richard and Martine are celebrating their wedding after 25-happily married years and they insist the young couple join them for dinner that night. The older man's roving hands concern Kimber, as do Norman's many lustful glances at Martine's generous bosom, and she feels that her fears are justified as the evening progresses.

    Richard invites the young couple to stay at his home to discuss an exciting business offer but once again, she feels deceived by Norman's actions from the moment they arrive. Betrayal is the dominant theme of the weekend as the two couples attract opposite partners for sensual affairs in secret. The intervention of an elderly aunt and an old grandfather leads to further lust and betrayal until the climactic final night."

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  • Erotica Cornucopia - a compilation of 9 erotica books


    Erotica Cornucopia

    February 05, 2017

    Congratulations for all your downloads of Erotica Cornucopia during January. You certainly have plenty to read now, but I hope you continue to support my new titles.

    Erotica Cornucopiatruly is a horn of plenty as it contains nine eBooks I personally selected to provide a rich variety of my writing. In the following stories you will meet many interesting characters with all kinds of sexual taste, desires and lusts as they engage in fulfilling their erotic fantasies.

    The stories may include graphic descriptions of sexual activity, including M/F; M/F/F; F/F; Oral, BDSM, Bondage, Femdom etc. There are over 500 pages to read and you may start right now with the first story...

    BOOK 1: The Upper Class Cougar MILF
    BOOK 2: Spin The Bottle To Swap Wives
    BOOK 3: Amelia Loses Her Panties
    BOOK 4: The Giant Man Fascinates Her
    BOOK 5: Kate's Nude Awakening
    BOOK 6: He Pretends To Be Grandma's Husband
    BOOK 7: He Wants To Change Bodies
    BOOK 8: She Sacrifices Her Son
    BOOK 9: Playing Santa For Christmas

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